Please join Transition To Green Community Club once every other month (On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) to learn in an informal, interactive setting what Green means in relation to specific topics. Each local TToG meeting has an attendance limit between 20–35 people. Meetings are a place where Merchants, Teachers, Specialized Experts, City Directors, Community Activists and Politicians will offer their time to discuss what going green means in relation to their specific field, where that field is in the process and where it sees itself in 5 years. How does an individual make a difference?

Some sample topics of meetings: Natural and Native Gardening, Eco-Friendly Bed and Bath Linens, Natural vs. Organic Skin Care, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Green Technology, Eco-friendly Pet Products, Organic Wines and Cheeses etc.

The Toluca Lake / Burbank areas are where the founding TToG Chapter meetings take place. New Chapters are forming in Hollywood, Glendale, Valley Village, and Chatsworth. These meetings are not only informative, interactive and a great way to make new friends and network within the community, they are extremely giving. Beverages provided with occasional snacks and buffets. Everyone walks away with something, whether it’s handouts, new knowledge, and a party favor bag or additional quality gifts won from games and the final gift give-away.

The first TToG meeting is FREE! Members are asked to throw in $2.50 in meeting dues (6 annual meetings = $12.50). This will help to cover some of the costs of printing. A Contribution Request of $10.00 is asked to further help with other costs until the sponsor’s support comes in. We suggest that you make this contribution through purchasing a TToG T-shirt. All monies made will go right back into running “Transition To Green” Community Clubs.

Children (ages 8 & up) are Free accompanied by a parent.

Last, TToG is on the path to becoming a non-profit organization. By becoming a member, there is No Tax Deduction at this time. It is not a business and has no plans of ever becoming a business. It was created out of a desire to learn more about making the Transition To Greener living, beginning in our homes that have a direct impact on our communities. Therefore, TToG is all about offering a Public Educational Service as well as leadership opportunities to the community.