Board Of Directors

Diana Brandt

I've been an environmental activist since I was 9 years of age, and a member of the Sierra Club since 1978. "Transition To Green" Community was founded to provide much needed workshops and seminars, to clear up misinformation about "green" that was, and still is, in the media. My "activist" spirit led to a B.A. in Political Science (Pre-Law) from UCLA in 1984, trips and residence in Europe, back to the States and a career in Real Estate, and finally the Film Industry where I met my husband, Lou.

Stephen Brand

Stephen Brand graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Throughout his career he has contributed to numerous projects including film, automotive, and theme park design. As a creative force and catalyst for change, his environmentally innovative ideas remain a priority and seek to inspire key decision makers to implement smart solutions to achieve a greener tomorrow.

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